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Sophie talked long read metagenomics at the Animal Microbiome Research Group virtual meeting

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Sophie Teullet presented her work on using long read metagenomics to study dietary adaptations in ant-eating mammal at the 2nd annual Animal Microbiome Research Group (AMRG) virtual meeting ( The AMRG is an interdisciplinary and international community of early career scientists interested in using the microbiome as a tool to address fundamental questions in ecology and evolution and provides a research network and platform for early career researchers to share their work. Long leave this nice initiative!

Teullet S.*, Magdeleine A., Tilak M.-K. & Delsuc F. (2021). Studying the gut microbiome of ant-eating mammals to understand convergent dietary adaptations. 2nd Animal Microbiome Research Group Annual Meeting (Online). [Oral communication]

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