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New publication by Sophie with members of the Animal Microbiome Research Group

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Following from her participation to the 2nd annual Animal Microbiome Research Group (AMRG) virtual meeting (, Sophie, together with two other fellow early career animal microbiome researchers, participated in the publication of a meeting report in Evolutionary Anthropology. In addition to describing the latest advances in animal microbiome research presented at the meeting, the paper also exposes the actions undertaken to grow and maintain this network for early career researchers. The AMRG is an interdisciplinary and international community of early career scientists interested in using the microbiome as a tool to address fundamental questions in ecology. Long leave this initiative currently counting more than 250 members in this thriving research area!

Webb S.E., Teullet S., & Stothart M.R. (2022). Growing and maintaining a network for early career researchers through the Animal Microbiome Research Group. Evolutionary Anthropology 31:108–111. doi:10.1002/evan.21941

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