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New Open Access book "Phylogenetics in the Genomic Era" released

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Together with Céline Scornavacca and Nicolas Galtier from the Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier, Frédéric edited the first Open Access book on phylogenomics entitled "Phylogenetics in the Genomic Era" ( The book contains 27 chapters covering various aspects of phylogenomics, from concepts and algorithms to programs and applications. The full book is freely available as a single pdf or can be downloaded chapter by chapter. We're very proud of the content, and also of the proof of concept that much can be done without the (expensive) services of professional publishers.

As part of the book, Frédéric also contributed two chapters. The first chapter is a op-ed review with Paul Simion and Hervé Philippe on the current limits of phylogenomic inference illustrated with numerous examples and re-analyses of empirical datasets. The second chapter with Vincent Ranwez introduces the MACSE_BARCODE pipeline to accurately align hundreds of thousands of protein-coding metabarcoding sequences, a very convenient tool for the molecular diet assessments of ant-eating mammals from the ConvergeAnt project.


​Simion P., Delsuc F. & Philippe H. (2020). To what extent current limits of phylogenomics can be overcome? In "Phylogenetics in the Genomic Era" edited by C. Scornavacca, F. Delsuc, N. Galtier, No Commercial Publisher, Authors Open Access Book, pp. 2.1:1-2.1:34. ⟨hal-02535366

Delsuc F. & Ranwez V. (2020). Accurate alignment of (meta)barcoding datasets using MACSE. In "Phylogenetics in the Genomic Era" edited by C. Scornavacca, F. Delsuc, N. Galtier, No Commercial Publisher, Authors Open Access Book, pp. 2.3:1-2.3:31. ⟨hal-02541199

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