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First publication of the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) consortium

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

As a member of the recently created European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA), Frédéric participated to the first paper of the consortium published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution (doi:10.1016/j.tree.2021.11.008). The ERGA is a pan-European scientific initiative aimed at generating high-quality complete genome resources for eukaryote species of continental Europe. This first consortium paper highlights the usefulness of producing high-quality complete genome resources in large scale as a response to current threats to biodiversity. These genomes provide unique insights into genomic diversity and architecture, thereby enabling comprehensive analyses of population and functional genomics, and are expected to revolutionize conservation genomics.


Formenti G.*, Theissinger K.*, Fernandes C.*, Bista I., Bombarely A., Bleidorn C., Ciofi C., Crottini A., Godoy J.A., Höglund J., Malukiewicz J., Mouton A., Oomen R.A., Paez S., Palsbøll J.J., Pampoulie C., Ruiz-Lopez M.J., Svardal H., Theofanopoulou C., de Vries J., Waldvogel A.-M., Zhang G., Mazzoni C.J., Jarvis E.D., Bálint M., & The European Reference Genome Atlas consortium (including Delsuc F.). (2022). The era of reference genomes in conservation genomics. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 37:197-202. doi:10.1016/j.tree.2021.11.008

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