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Invited talk at Nanopore Day 2019 in Bordeaux

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Amandine, Marie-Ka, and Frédéric attended the Nanopore Day 2019 meeting ( in Bordeaux (France). Frédéric was invited by Oxford Nanopore Technologies to give a talk on sequencing and assembling mammalian genomes from roadkill by combining Illumina short reads and Nanopore long reads obtained using the MinION device. This study is conducted in collaboration with Nico Avenant of the National Museum of Bloemfontein (South Africa).

Allio R., Tilak M.-K., Magdeleine A., Avenant N.L., Nabholz B. & Delsuc F.* (18 March 2019). Genomics from roadkill: hybrid assembly with MinION long reads improves mammalian genome assemblies. Nanopore Day 2019 (Bordeaux, France). [Invited Oral Communication]

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