• Frederic Delsuc

New updated version of our frameshift-aware alignment MACSE program

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

We published an updated and augmented version our multiple alignement program MACSE accounting for frameshifts in protein-coding sequences in Molecular Biology and Evolution ( This new MACSE v2 version is enriched by a series of subprograms aimed at facilitating the production and handling of multiple alignments of protein-coding sequences. In order to make the program more accessible, we now provide a graphical user interface (GUI) facilitating access to the different subprograms. MACSE v2 is freely available from: MACSE v2 and OMM_MACSE, a pipeline based on the MACSE v2 toolkit used to align the thousands of orthologous genes in the OrthoMAM database, are also available through dedicated web services at: MACSE is used in the ConvergeAnt project to align pseudogene sequences to corresponding functional orthologous sequences.

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