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Rémi's MitoFinder paper published in Molecular Ecology Resources

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Rémi's first PhD paper describing the MitoFinder bioinformatic pipeline designed to automatically extract mitogenomic signal from genomic data has been published in Molecular Ecology Resources. MitoFinder software can be downloaded from GitHub ( We illustrated MitoFinder efficiency with ant UCE libraries but it also works well with other type of capture data in which numerous off-target reads are sequenced, as well as with RNAseq transcriptomic and whole genome shotgun sequencing data. In the context of the ConvergeAnt project, MitoFinder will be particularly valuable to build reference mitogenomic data sets for ants and termites to be used in metabarcoding-based diet assessments of ant-eating mammals.


Allio R., Schomaker-Bastos A., Romiguier J., Prosdocimi F.,Nabholz B.& Delsuc F. (2020). MitoFinder: efficient automated large-scale extraction of mitogenomic data in target enrichment phylogenomics. Molecular Ecology Resources doi:10.1111/1755-0998.13160

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